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Welcome to Cerridwen's Grove
Where nature is our artistic muse, our magickal co-creator, and our spiritual guide.
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Where did the occult store, Cerridwen's Grove, get its name?

Cerridwen is a Celtic Goddess that represents transformation, rebirth, and inspiration. Some resources refer to her as a witch by her use of her cauldron to create awen, defined by the Druids as “flowing life” or “flowing inspiration”. Druids highly regard nature and are known to commune in groups and locations referred to as "groves", often among the trees, in order to access awen and soothe their spirit. When combining this deity with the power of awen that can be found among, within, and throughout nature, personal and spiritual transformation can begin...

Witchy Blog

Witchy Blog

Are you curious about or new to witchcraft and eager to learn more about it? Check out our blog where we cover a variety of witchy topics from traditions and celebrations, to magick, to astrology, and more!


Request a Spell

Facing a situation and need some spiritual assistance but don't know how to begin?  Submit your request and I will create a custom spell just for you.

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Your Human Design

Generate your unique chart and download a free Human Design Chart Reading PDF to learn the fundamental basics of your unique design, or request a comprehensive chart reading in a beautiful e-book format.

Cerridwen's Grove is a witch-owned online occult store based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We serve the local Lancaster area and ship only within the United States. Cerridwen's Grove honors and harnesses the powers of nature to offer metaphysical services and witchcraft supplies for those seeking personal and spiritual growth and transformation or those desiring to develop and deepen their magickal craft. Blessed be!

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