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About: The Meaning Behind the Name "Cerridwen's Grove''

The name Cerridwen's Grove was entirely intentional due to the alignment of my own path to the Goddess herself, my passion for creativity and magick, and my desire to live my life in a way that inspires others and infuses goodness into the world. Read the full story below to learn more about the Goddess Cerridwen and the connection of Celtic Druidism, awen, and sacred groves and understand just what the occult store, Cerridwen's Grove, is all about.

Cerridwen is a Celtic Goddess that represents transformation, rebirth, and inspiration. Some resources refer to her as a witch due to her creation of elixirs and potions with her cauldron while others wouldn’t dare lessen her from a Goddess to a mere mortal witch. Whatever she is referred to as, she is a powerful deity that shows up in the lives of those that are being called to transform. As light as her representations are - rebirth, transformation, and inspiration - this also dark Goddess is no stranger to the underworld. The journey of self-transformation requires us to explore our deepest, darkest shadows for rebirth is not possible without first meeting death.

Druid Grove

It is said that in her cauldron Cerridwen created what is called awen, a term and concept highly prevalent in the Pagan path of Druidism that they define as “flowing spirit” or “flowing inspiration”. According to the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, Druidry is “a spiritual way and practice that speaks to three of our greatest yearnings: to be fully creative in our lives, to commune deeply with the world of Nature, and to gain access to a source of profound wisdom.” Because Druids highly honor and regard nature, they often hold their communal or personal spiritual sessions in sacred spaces among nature, such as clearings within a forest, of which they call a grove. Coincidentally, a grove is also what a group of communing Druids is called. In more modern times, some Druids create small sites in their own backyards or in gardens, and are even encouraged to create and connect with their own soul as an imaginative “inner-grove” in order to tap into the wisdom, peace, beauty, and safety that a physical grove would offer.

Cerridwen’s Grove, an online occult store, is about reattuning with, honoring, and harnessing the power of nature and the elements as a means for personal and spiritual transformation. Through the use of creative tools and resources that nature inspires, we can cultivate our own inner-grove and infuse our lives with beauty, peace, and energetic qualities that will have a positive impact on ourselves and those around us. In joining together, we create our own external grove that can have an even greater impact in a world that is desperately in need.

Path in the Forest and Full Moon
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If you, too, feel called toward personal and spiritual transformation, a life that is filled with magick, beauty, and purpose for the good of all, I welcome you to our online occult store and growing community, Cerridwen’s Grove. Search our occult store's variety of metaphysical services and witchcraft supplies, and be sure to subscribe to our once-a-month spiritual newsletter that is sure to inspire awen in your life and deepen your spiritual craft. Blessed be!

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