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The Nature in You

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Nature is always trying to speak to us. Unfortunately, many of us have gotten so caught up in day-to-day life that we've stopped hearing the wisdom it has to share. To reconnect with nature is to reconnect with oneself. All living things share one life and that is why reconnecting with the earth can be such an effective way to reconnect with your own soul. The result is a whole new perspective and experience with life as a whole. Suddenly, beauty, wisdom, and inspiration are everywhere.​ I began my own journey back to myself by reconnecting with nature through photography. It forced me to slow down and pay attention. I started noticing things I hadn't noticed and experiencing nature like I hadn't experienced it since I was a child. This 4-week online course will guide you through cultivating a fresh awareness of and connection with life and yourself through nature's lens. Engage in reflective journaling and interactive photography activities intended to open your mind to seeing and understanding the world in a whole new way. Professional skills and equipment are not needed; smartphone cameras will do!

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