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Integrating Your Physical and Energy Bodies: Why It's Important, How To Do It, and How it Empowers Your Magick

a magickal witch with glowing chakras

WTF! It’s Witchy Topic Friday and today is the final post in our series about the energy body. To-date we've reviewed what the energy body is and we dove a little deeper into auras and chakras including how to see auras and how to connect with and heal your chakras. In this final post, we will discuss how to integrate your physical and energy bodies and why it's so important to do so not only for your overall well-being but especially for your craft.

What does it mean to integrate the energy and physical bodies and why is it important?

The world and all of life is made up of energy and matter and they both influence one another. If you think of your physical and energy bodies as being two independently functioning entities that are in a bonded relationship with one another and are meant to work together, this concept can make a bit more sense. If one person in a relationship is always doing all of the work, there will be an imbalance and an obvious disconnect between the two individuals involved. Things will be noticeably out of sync and the resulting feelings for both will likely be things like frustration, exhaustion, unfulfillment and dissatisfaction, disconnection, and so much more. On the flip side, when both partners are bonded, in sync, are working together and equally contributing their efforts and unique strengths and abilities, the relationship can thrive even further beyond their individual capabilities. Integrating all parts of yourself - in this case your physical and energy bodies - offers the same results. When integrated, you will feel more connected with yourself and life as a whole, more empowered, your intuition and inner-guidance becomes stronger and more clear, and life begins to make much more sense. This is just as much a part of health and wellness as diet, sleep, and exercise.

What does this have to do with witchcraft and how can this support and strengthen my magick?

Magick is all about intentionally influencing energy in order to manifest change in the physical realm. Therefore, by definition, energy and the physical are very much interconnected especially for the witch. If your energy and physical bodies are disconnected or unaligned with one another, your magick can (and likely will) suffer. You may find that your spellwork either has little to no results, or the results may be temporary or never quite hit the mark of what you were hoping to achieve. If this is the case, integrating your energy and physical bodies may be just what you need. When you feel connected with yourself and life, you will also feel connected with the Divine which is the connection through which your magick will flow so your requests can be received and answered in full. Additionally, when you feel more whole and authentic, your requests themselves will be much more aligned with your truest nature and will automatically aim toward what is already meant for you anyway. All of this, when combined with feeling empowered in your own energy will result in magick that is more powerful and better able to achieve its intended results.

What are some ways I can integrate my energy and physical bodies?

Integrating your physical body and energy body is not a once and done activity. It requires ongoing and consistent practice that essentially must become a part of your lifestyle in order to avoid functioning on auto-pilot or relying on muscle memory to go through your day-to-day life. Therefore, activities that combine a physical use of the body while simultaneously maintaining a sense of mindfulness or intentional awareness of your inner-experience - otherwise known as somatic exercises - are incredibly useful for achieving physical and energy body integration. Somatic exercises include things like yoga, intuitive dance, tai chi, and even basic, seated breathwork. Committing to short, daily somatic exercise sessions can bring on rapid results for your physical body by reducing or eliminating pain or other physical symptoms due to the release of tension, and for your energy body as the removal of this tension allows your energy to flow more freely. If beginning a daily habit right off the bat sounds daunting, I recommend at least committing to incorporating a short somatic session prior to engaging in any magickal working. I guarantee you will notice a major difference in how you feel and the results of your magick when adding this integration element first. Once you notice how much more powerful and connected you feel, committing to it daily may not seem to bad.

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