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Triple Goddesses: What They Are, Who They Are, and How to Incorporate Them Into Your Magick

triple goddess

WTF! It’s Witchy Topic Friday and today we’re talking about Triple Goddesses. A Triple Goddess is a term often said and heard in the world of Paganism and witchcraft. It became popular through writings by Robert Graves in the 20th century though his work has been discredited by many. Aside from the various perspectives and opinions about Triple Goddesses and whether or not they're actually even "a thing" is besides the point. In this post we will review what a Triple Goddess is, who modern-day witches acknowledge as Triple Goddesses, and how you can work with them in your magick.

What is a Triple Goddess?

To be a Triple Goddess simply means to embody each of the three phases of the feminine: the youthful maiden or daughter, the mother or child-bearing age woman, and the crone. This same concept appears in the monotheist religions such as Christianity where the Christian God is viewed as a holy trinity: the father, son, and holy spirit. The concept of three is actually a very common theme throughout many religions, but in Paganism and witchcraft, a path that honors the feminine as well as the masculine, we recognize the Triple Goddess and often as being the original holy trinity. The Triple Goddess and three aspects of maiden, mother, and crone, essentially symbolizes the cycle of birth, life, death, and back to rebirth. This theme can be found throughout various aspects of nature, life itself, and even within ourselves. From the lunar cycle that is born at the new moon, reaches its fullest expression upon the full moon, and wanes to death only for the next lunar cycle to be born again immediately after, to the wheel of the year and changing of seasons where the earth transitions into spring and bares new life, flourishes plentiful harvests in the Summer, and dies down come autumn and winter only to be reborn come the following Spring, to each and every one of us as we try new things, experience life and learn lessons, and become wiser, more experienced, and more mature as a result.

Are Triple Goddesses even real?

When discussing any kind of religious or spiritual beliefs there will always be the ability to debate about what is or is not factual or real and, quite frankly, almost neither side can be entirely proven or disproven. Rather than focusing on such menial debates, why not consider the meaning the belief holds and then decide if it is something that resonates with you or not, and go from there? For example, the aspect of maiden or daughter is representative of more than youth and rebirth but with new beginnings in general. This could mean the start of a new relationship, new goals, new habits and routines, or anything that is in its early phase of existence - even just waking up in the morning to a new day of endless opportunities or planting new seeds in your garden. The aspect of mother is representative of more than the act of bearing children or of motherhood but with manifestation and something being at its peak or fullest expression such as those seeds you planted now being fully grown and bearing fruit, or your previously new relationship becoming official through an engagement. The aspect of crone is representative of more than old-age and death but rather with the wisdom through self-reflection and lessons learned that come with this latter part of the cycle of all things. Becoming more aware of these aspects and how this cycle expresses itself in various ways in our lives and within ourselves can be a valuable tool for personal growth and development if we choose to use it as such. Therefore, putting aside the ego's agenda of arguing about what is or is not factual and instead harnessing the symbolism to your benefit as it hurts no one to do so, is a much better use of your time and energy while supporting your well-being.

Who are the Triple Goddesses and how can I work with them?

Each Goddess represents a particular phase or aspect - either the maiden, mother, or crone - though some goddesses, the Triple Goddesses, are said to embody all three aspects, simultaneously being three in one and one in three. Some more well-known Triple Goddesses include Hecate, Brigid, the Morrigan, and Cerridwen. Who you decide to work with will depend on the intentions of your magickal working. Below are some of the intentions each of these Triple Goddesses oversees so you can better identify who to call upon and when.


Hecate, otherwise spelled as Hekate, is the Goddess of the moon, magic, riches, wisdom, victory, and navigation. She is sometimes referred to as the Goddess of Crossroads or the Goddess of Witchcraft. Hecate oversees intentions including but not limited to the afterlife, business, the subconscious, control, crossroads, darkness, hexes, karma, money, rebirth, revenge, transformation, wealth, wisdom, and witchcraft. She is associated with Samhain, the night of Hecate, the moon, Pluto and Saturn, and Mondays and Saturdays.


Brigid, otherwise spelled as Brigit or Brighid, is the Goddess of healing, smithing, fertility, and poetry. She is sometimes referred to as Bride or the Goddess of Fire or the Eternal Flame. Brigid oversees intentions including but not limited to agriculture and animals, beauty, blessings, fire, death, divination, fertility, grief, healing, marriage, pregnancy and childbirth, and wisdom. She is associated with Imbolc, Sundays, Neptune, and the Sun.

The Morrigan/Morrigu

The Morrigan, otherwise known as Morrigu, is the Goddess of war and battle, death, and destruction. The Morrigan oversees intentions including but not limited to banishing, battle and war, courage, death, defense, destruction, hexes, omens, nightmares, protection, and strength. She is associated with Mabon, New Year's Day, Pluto, and the new and waning moon phases.


Cerridwen, otherwise spelled as Kerridwen or Ceridwen, is the Goddess of fertility, knowledge, poets, and transformation. Cerridwen is sometimes referred to as the Goddess of Inspiration. She oversees intentions including but not limited to abundance, creativity, inspiration, knowledge, the underworld, rebirth and renewal, transformation, and wisdom. She is associated with the moon, and the new and waning moon phases in particular.

When calling upon any Goddess or God, triple or otherwise, it is important to incorporate elements into your working that correspond with that specific deity, to offer your gratitude, and to bring/leave offerings for them on your altar. This could be in the form of food or drink, herbs, crystals, or anything at all that your chosen deity appreciates. No one likes to be asked for things without so much as a thank you or some form of symbolic gesture of appreciation and these deities are no different. Always do your homework and know who it is you're calling so you can honor them in the best way possible and know what to expect should they choose to answer your call.


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