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Auras: What They Are, What They Do, and How You Can Learn to See Them

a witchy woman glowing with chakra colors

WTF! It’s Witchy Topic Friday and today we’re talking about auras. This is part 2 - a follow-up to last week's post when we began our discussion about what the energy body even is. Let's dive deeper this week into how our energy body shows itself and how others - even you - can see them.

What is an aura?

Auras are fields of energy that extend outward from every living thing. This field of energy contains qualities based on its subject's current internal state. Because the internal state of a living thing can change and shift such as with emotions, moods, and health, so, too, can the aura it projects.

Can people really see auras? Yes, and here's how you can learn to, too.

While most will say that auras are invisible, that is primarily because most people just don't see them. In actuality, anyone is capable of seeing auras with just a little practice and, in doing so, will find that auras actually reveal themselves as subtle colors. The way I learned to see auras and a commonly suggested activity for anyone wishing to learn, is to have a friend sit or stand in front of a white background. You may use a large sheet of white paper or a bright white-painted wall. Make sure the space is well-lit. Then, you will focus your vision on their third eye which is in the center of their forehead. While keeping your eyes on this spot, focus your actual visual attention to the space that outlines their head, shoulders, and body, and notice if you see any colors. The colors you are likely to see of an auric field are red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and even black - each expressible in various shades with their own unique meanings. Because auras are, in fact, just energy, it can take time and practice to begin seeing them, but don't give up if you don't see it right away. This is a great activity to do with a group of people. Don't tell each other the auric color you see of the individual until all have taken a turn to look, then share and see if you all saw the same color. Alternatively, aura reading and imaging services do exist and upon a quick Google search, you may find that there are aura imaging services near you.

What is the point, purpose, and/or function of an aura?

Auras actually serve a very unique purpose. Not only can you tell a lot about the subject by their aura - such as their emotional and spiritual well-being or even their current mood - but auras also silently communicate with the world around us and will attract (or repel) other people and even opportunities. This is not a one-way street, however; auras have to do with what we perceive as well as how others perceive us. Because of this function, it is important to care for and maintain your emotional and spiritual well-being. This may be done through activities like meditating, ensuring healthy sleeping and eating habits, exercising, doing things that make you feel happy, and even being authentic. When you are maintaining alignment with your authenticity, your energy - or auric field - is able to attract that which is truly meant for you.

What if my aura is unhealthy?

An unhealthy aura may come from emotional or spiritual unwellness, blockages in your chakras which manage the flow of energy from within, and even from living out of alignment with your authenticity. When an aura mirrors unhealth from within, given it's primary function of communication and attraction with the external world, you may find that you are attracting things, people, and even opportunities that just aren't what you really want. Likewise, what you do want seems to be out of reach.

Luckily, there are a variety of tools and services that can help such as Reiki, for example. Another great tool for ensuring your alignment with your authentic nature, is by obtaining a Human Design Chart Reading. There are many free options available for a partial or basic reading, and many other paid options though I find that a free, basic reading is sufficient for most. A basic Human Design Chart Reading will tell you what your aura's authentic function is and how you are to navigate what it attracts toward you. This aspect of your aura is built into your authentic design and will never change which is why knowing it and applying it to your life is so beneficial. Cerridwen's Grove offers a free Human Design Basic Chart Reading PDF to anyone interested in learning more about the basics of their unique design along with instructions on how to generate your own Human Design Chart for free. For those seeking much more extensive, in-depth knowledge about their unique design such as their "not-self" tendencies, their life's ultimate purpose, the people they are most likely to attract into their life and why, ways they have been and are likely to be conditioned and how to avoid it, and so much more, can opt for a full Human Design Chart Reading which is provided as a 10+ page customized e-book all about you and your unique design filled with information that can be applied immediately to your every day life.

How or where can I learn more about auras?

If you're interested in learning more about auras and their various colors and meanings, I recommend checking out this blog post by Allie Flinn on Not only does she dive much deeper into the topic of auras as a whole, but each color and corresponding meaning links out to its own individual post that discusses the aura color in greater detail such as the various shades it may show and what each shade may represent, what the individual may be experiencing in their life at the time the aura color shows up, and so much more!


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