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Your Energy Body: An Introduction to Chakras, Auras, and Why it’s Important to You and Your Craft

a witch surrounded by chakra colored smoke

WTF! It’s Witchy Topic Friday and today we’re talking about your energy body. Let's discuss what this means and why it's not only just as important to maintain a healthy energy body as it is to maintain a healthy physical body, but why it's important to your magickal craft as a witch. This will be part 1 of a series of 4 posts about the energy body so be sure to stay tuned.

We all are more than familiar with our physical bodies but, then again, it’s not hard to be when we can not only feel them, but see them. Many of us are much less familiar, if at all, with our energy body even though the energy body is just as important as the physical. In fact, both are quite interconnected. In this post you will gain an understanding of what the energy body is, and the effects it has on us physically, mentally, emotionally, and magickally.

What is the energy body?

The energy body is much like your physical body in that it is made up of smaller elements that, together, form a whole. For example, just like your physical body has organs, your energy body has what are called chakras which are like energetic organs through which your life force energy flows. Each of your energetic organs - or chakras - represent and manage different areas of your energy and are each also closely associated with specific organs from your physical body. Oftentimes - if not always - when there is an imbalance in your energy system, your body will manifest those imbalances in the form of physical symptoms. This can often be the underlying cause for physical symptoms that are seemingly unexplainable from a physical and medical perspective.

While the chakra system makes up the internal elements of our energy body, the aura is it's outward projection that mirrors the state of our energy body's health or lack of, and engages in two-way energetic communication between our energy body and the external energy we are exposed to from others and our current environment at any given time. Next week's post will delve further into auras so if this area of the energy body interests you, you won't want to miss that post.

What is the purpose of the energy body?

The energy body manages all immaterial, intangible aspects of who we are - our spirituality, emotions, creativity, connections, and more. In other words, it contains all aspects of who we are that cannot be seen and touched, but that are rather energetically experienced by ourselves and others. Without your energy body, emotions, spirituality, and even things like love, connection, and even magick could not be experienced.

Why does this even matter?

The energy body and its health is important to everyone no matter how spiritual or not the individual is. We all have an energy body and they all function in the same way. Ignoring your energy body is like going to the gym and only working out your left side while ignoring your right. Your right and left sides work together and only working out one side would create an imbalance that could effect a variety of areas of your life and potentially limit your physical capabilities. Given how your energy and physical bodies are so closely related, to ignore your energy body is to ignore an entire half of your health.

What does this have to do with witchcraft?

Magick is, by definition, the intentional influence of energy. If you are not managing your energy body's health and well-being, you are likely stunting your magickal power. Being a true witch is not about fads, trends, or Friday the 13ths and superstitions, it is a path that honors the connection we have with all of life and that connection cannot be fully experienced or tapped into without a personal connection with and ongoing maintenance of our own energy body and it's health for it is the very source of the connection that the path of the witch is all about. If your energy body is not functioning optimally, you can't expect your magickal influence on energy to be doing so either.

Over the next three posts we will be diving deeper into auras including how you can practice seeing them, on the chakra system and how to identify areas of your energy body that need your help to heal, unblock, and realign, and what you can do to integrate your physical and energy bodies for not only your general health and well-being, but for a deeper connection with yourself and life that will result in even stronger magick.


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