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a judge's mallet on a desk for a deserved legal justice spell digital download cover page

Download this 2-page PDF digital download that includes a beautiful cover page and corresponding spell page that tells you when to complete the spell, the intention of the spell, what you will need in order to complete it, and the directions for carrying it out.


I wrote this spell to call upon divine intervention from the archangel Michael to assist me in receiving the justice I truly deserved when someone who had been using the legal system against me as an abusive weapon for many years was doing so yet again. I performed this spell prior to the first and second legal proceedings pertaining to the same matter and received exactly what I had asked for. Although I arrived to my legal proceeding as "the defendent", my adversary quickly found himself on the defense, his lies and manipulative tactics were exposed, and I walked out the victor.


Disclaimers: This spell is for deserved justice. Therefore, whomever is the one that truly deserves justice in your matter, will receive it. If it is not you, this spell will backfire. Results of any kind, however, cannot and are not ever guaranteed.

"Deserved Legal Justice Spell" Digital Download

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