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Human Design Chart Reading eBook

Your Human Design chart reading will be provided to you in a 10+ page customized e-book. As opposed to many chart readings which are provided over the phone, this beautiful e-book allows you to easily take and keep your reading where you can conveniently refer back to it at any time. It is filled with insightful information about your unique design - information that will empower you and equip you to move forward in your life in a whole new way.


Just some of what your customized Human Design chart reading e-book will offer you:


  • Your personal strategy for interacting with life and others so you can finally stop overthinking yourself to death

  • Your decision-making style so you can make more authentic decisions, reduce resistance, and ensure you’re choosing what’s truly right for you

  • Areas you may be prone to conditioning by others so you can go from becoming a victim to being an empowered observer and student of life

  • Insightful tips to identify when you’re not living authentically, what is likely in the way, and how to realign with your authenticity

  • What your unique purpose is in this lifetime and how you are designed to fulfill that purpose in relation to the whole of humanity

  • …and more!


Designs are unique from one person to the next so your customized e-book is incredibly personal to you as a differentiated individual. None of us are replicas of anyone else and we aren’t meant to be. Learn who you are as a unique individual, empower yourself to live authentically, and become an encouraging source and example for others to do the same for themselves. The result will be a life you fully enjoy living and feel in control of. Additionally, the more of us that live according to our own authenticity, the more harmony there will be for us all.

Human Design Chart Reading eBook

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