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100% Beeswax Candles: Witchcraft Supplies Provided by Nature

Candles are used by witches everywhere in rituals, spells, and more. Unfortunately, most candles are made of materials that are unhealthy for us and the environment. Walking the nature-based path of the witch asks that we protect the earth and using 100% beeswax candles in our magickal workings is one significant way we can do that. These hand-rolled 100% beeswax candles are dripless, completely smokeless, and will purify the air in your home rather than pollute it.

Watch this video for a sneak peak into what goes into making our 100% beeswax chime candles. All candles are hand-rolled one-by-one allowing each candle to maintain a beautiful honeycomb texture. While they are scentless, as in no scents are added to the wax, 100% beeswax candles do offer a natural, subtle honey aroma and a dripless, smokeless, non-toxic burn.

Unsure which colors you need?

 Check out our Color Magick digital download for full magickal correspondences lists of each color!

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