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Human Design Chart Readings: Your Differentiated Design Offers Guidance For Your Entire Life

The most important thing you can learn in your life is who you are. Once you know, life starts to make more sense. Navigating it becomes easier and less stressful and your purpose becomes more clear. Learning and aligning with the basics of your design can change your life. Learning and aligning with your entire design can change the world.

Have you ever wished there was a manual for life? One that told you who you were born to be, how you could best function in the world with the least amount of resistance, and how you could navigate life without needing to overthink everything all the time?


Well, it may not be an entire manual but your Human Design is the closest thing you will find to helping you understand who you are, how you most effectively interact with life and others, and how you can make the most authentic decisions for as little resistance as possible. Many of us come into the world and are immediately told who and how to be according to others who have also been conditioned to live their own lives in a specific way that likely isn’t working out for them either. The primary consequence of living your life according to the direction of others is that you inevitably lose yourself.


Before you know it, you find yourself surrounded in a life that feels foreign, unfulfilling, purposeless, and completely not your own or what you ever would have knowingly chosen for yourself. You may wonder how you even ended up where you are and may feel so deep into this life that there couldn’t possibly be a way out. You might doubt that you are capable or worthy of anything else. The truth is, you are never too lost to find your way back home to YOU. Returning to your authentic, true self is possible and a Human Design chart reading is an empowering, insightful, and effective way to begin that journey.

How You Can Find Out Your Human Design

Reading a Human Design chart is no quick or easy task. It requires extensive knowledge and understanding of various components and how they relate to one another in order to present a cohesive ‘story’ of the individual being represented in the chart. Due to the level of complexity and time it takes to complete a chart reading, this service can be quite expensive. Additionally, many chart readers offer readings by phone which leaves you little to nothing to take with you to refer back to assuming you are using your reading as a tool for personal growth rather than a quick shot of expensive entertainment.


Because accessibility is of the utmost importance to me, I offer a free basic chart reading option in addition to a full comprehensive chart reading that I deliver to you as a beautiful, customized, 10+ page e-book essentially telling the ‘story of you’. Knowing your entire chart is exceptionally useful for those that are deeply serious about this type of self-work, but the design components that are covered in the free basic reading option are still very significant, valuable, and can be immediately applied to your everyday approach to life. I recommend starting there and only buying the customized chart reading e-book if you are very serious about learning and applying more.

Free Basic Readings

With the free basic reading, you will learn how you most authentically and effectively interact with the world around you through your type, aura, and strategy, and what it looks and feels like when you are acting authentically versus inauthentically so you can begin to recognize when you should adjust your approach to life.


Here's how to get your free basic human design chart reading:

1. Download the free Basic HD Chart Reading PDF at the bottom of the page.

2. Head over to and generate your own unique Human Design chart. You will need your name, birth date, birth time, and location of birth.

3. Use the Basic HD Chart Reading PDF that you downloaded in step 1 to discover what your strategy and authority mean and how you can use them as a means for navigating your life in a more authentic and effective way starting today.

For those of you that crave something more, see below how to receive your very own personalized comprehensive Human Design chart reading e-Book.

Your Personalized Human Design Chart Reading eBook


Your full, personalized Human Design chart reading will be provided to you in a 10+ page customized e-book. As opposed to many chart readings which are provided over the phone, this beautiful e-book allows you to easily take and keep your reading where you can conveniently refer back to it at any time. It is filled with insightful information about your unique design - information that will empower you and equip you to move forward in your life in a whole new way.


Just some of what your customized Human Design chart reading e-book will offer you:


  1. Your personal strategy for interacting with life and others so you can finally stop overthinking yourself to death

  2. Your decision-making style so you can make more authentic decisions, reduce resistance, and ensure you’re choosing what’s truly right for you

  3. Areas you may be prone to conditioning by others so you can go from becoming a victim to being an empowered observer and student of life

  4. Insightful tips to identify when you’re not living authentically, what is likely in the way, and how to realign with your authenticity

  5. What your unique purpose is in this lifetime and how you are designed to fulfill that purpose in relation to the whole of humanity

  6. …and more!

Designs are unique from one person to the next so your customized e-book is incredibly personal to you as a differentiated individual. None of us are replicas of anyone else and we aren’t meant to be. Learn who you are as a unique individual, empower yourself to live authentically, and become an encouraging source and example for others to do the same for themselves. The result will be a life you fully enjoy living and feel in control of. Additionally, the more of us that live according to our own authenticity, the more harmony there will be for us all.


Full chart reading e-books take me approximately one week to complete. If you are interested in purchasing, please first use the contact form on my website or email me directly at to book your chart reading and e-book creation week and confirm the exact date you can expect to receive your product. If you are happy with the proposed timeframe, you may then proceed with your purchase to secure your creation week.

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